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Zuper Games
Indie Games Studio (UK)

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September 1st, 2014

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Nyctophobia is a unique term-based strategy game born out of one of the most common fears in the world, the fear of darkness. It combines an innovative gameplay with awesome & scary sound effects.

The story of the game revolves around the journey to the core of the Earth of a murdered imprisoned in a dark cell for the past 20 years in the Ancient Greece. He’s name is Nycto. He is now the last chance of humankind as the Earth was attacked by a huge creature who had stolen the magic artifact that kept the world in balance.

As for the gameplay, aim of every level of the game is to find a key and then the exit to descent to the next level by moving on a map by stepping on tiles. The catch is that you are literally in the dark as you can’t see just a few tiles around you and you have limited stamina. So, you kind of have to find the key and the exit fast unless you love dying. As you move, you bump into different scary monsters which you can fight and chests that give you upgrades. Also, from time to time you bump into big, ugly bosses.

The game is single player, endless and the maps get bigger as you go further into the game. It's a tough challenge, but a fun one also.


ZuperGames is new to mobile games. It started back in 2010 releasing flash games that had over 10 million plays, games like miniTowerDefence which at that time had an innovative gameplay, Glean and Glean2.

However, we decided it was about time to step away from flash development and move to mobile. So, we thought of doing our first mobile game in the beginning of June 2014 determined to bring some innovative approaches from flash to mobile in a cool new game. After a long thinking process we decided to call it Nyctophobia based on the gameplay and the story.

We assembled an international team excited about the game and its potential and we were ready to put a dent in the mobile gaming industry even from the start.

We are now really close to the official release (set to be on the 1st of September) and we are very excited about the outcome so far. We invite you to have a look over the trailer and art below to get a general idea of what Nyctophobia is all about. Hope you like it as much as we do.


  • The scariest sound effects you have ever heard in a mobile game and creepy overall audio
  • Scary monsters and big, ugly bosses
  • Cool missions
  • Awesome character upgrades
  • Endless gameplay


Nyctophobia Trailer [HD] YouTube link

Nyctophobia Trailer [HD] (censored) YouTube link



Nyctophobia icon
Nyctophobia icon 2

Awards & Recognition

  • "Best team of the year for a mobile game" - ZuperGames Award, London, 15 July, 2014
  • "Scariest sound effects in a mobile game" - ZuperGames Awards, New York, 20th July, 2014
  • "The most innovative gameplay for a mobile game" - ZuperGames Awards, Paris, 25th July, 2014


  • "The scariest sound effects I’ve seen in a mobile game!"
    - Gamer Pocket
  • "Try not to shit yourself"
    - Touch Arcader
  • "Just shat myself..."
    - Slice to Play
  • "Shat my pants again!"
    - Slice to Play

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About Zuper Games

We are an indie games studio based in Glasgow, UK. We have developed and released web games played by millions of people all over the internet. Our biggest success to date is miniTowerDefense with over 9 million total plays.

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Nyctophobia Credits

Manuel Boca
Producer, ZuperGames

Dragos Iordache
Programmer, ZuperGames

Alicja Cioch
Artist, ZuperGames

Manuel Boca
Game designer, ZuperGames

Sebastian Maraloiu
Marketing expert, ZuperGames

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